Food Processing and Engineering

Research Themes

The research focus of our group is in the area of food engineering and food processing, in particular food "process systems engineering" and those food processing that involve special functional components. The former includes process modelling, optimization, and control of food processes. Some of the research topics include neural network modelling, hybrid neural modelling, CFD modelling, mechanistic modelling, RSM, application of fractals to food property characterisation, multi-objective optimization, soft sensors, online sensors, sensors for special operating conditions, multivariable control, robust control, nonlinear model-based control, generic model control, passivity systems, L2 gain, time-delay compensation, constraint handling.

For food processing, baking and dairy have been among our major research efforts, together with drying processes, high pressure processing, ultrasonic processing, the effects of processing on some special functional components in food, such as antioxidants, isoflavones and probiotics, and innovative processing technologies for next-generation functional foods

Current research projects include:

Development of functional bakery products with tea antioxidants
High intensity ultrasound aided yogurt fermentation
Modeling and control system design of frozen dough process
Stability and functionality of anthocyanins
Spray drying of food powders and their characterisation
Transparent active food packaging
Role of carbohydrate-lipid interactions in foods on lipidaemic-glycaemic response
Light-emitting diode (LED) technology for food preservation
Modeling of sensory and hedonic properties
Innovative technology for production of food flavourings
Application of advanced modelling techniques such as artificial neural network, fractals and CFD to several food processes.

Group members

Professor ZHOU Weibiao (PI)
Assistant Professor YANG Hongshun (PI)

Dr. HUANG Jen-Yi, PhD (Cambridge), Post-doc Fellow
Dr. FU Caili, PhD (NUS), Post doc Fellow
Turkay KONDAKCI, PhD candidate
SUI Xiaonan, PhD candidate
THAM Wei Yi Tammie, PhD candidate
YU Peigen, PhD candidate
Katja KRIZMAN, PhD candidate
Feng Xiao, PhD candidate
GAO Jing, PhD candidate
LIU Qin, PhD candidate
ZHANG Jufang, PhD candidate
LIN Jing, PhD candidate
SOW Li Cheng, PhD candidate
YU Xi, PhD candidate
YAN Yan, PhD candidate
YU Hang, M.Sc. candidate
LIN Muyang, M.Sc.
Prathab Kumar Periyannan Rajeswari, M.Sc. candidate
Srinivasagam Ramasamy Venkateswaran Akila, M.Sc. candidate

Ex-members of the group:

Amber SHARMA, PhD, 2014, PhD, Currently: Manager, Cadbury India Ltd., Mondelez International.
Victoria Kristina Ananingsih, PhD, June 2013. Currently: Senior Lecturer, Soegijapranata Catholic University, Indonesia.
WANG Wei, PhD, May 2013. Currently: Associate Specialist, Nestle R&D Centre Singapore.
Mya Mya KHIN, PhD, Aug. 2012. Currently: Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
NGUYEN Thi My Phuc, PhD, Oct. 2011. Currently: Regional Product Development Manager, Mead Johnson Nutrition Asia Pacific.
Geeta BANSAL, PhD, June 2011. Currently: Caramel Scientist, Indulgent Candy, Global and Asia Pacific, Mondelez International.
LIU Yeting, PhD, March 2010. Currently: Research & Development Manager, Wilmar International Ltd., Singapore.
WANG Rong, PhD, Jan. 2008. Currently: Section Head (Food Research and Applications), Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.
Nantawan THERDTHAI, PhD, 2003. Currently: Associate Professor, Kasetsart University, Thailand.
Vania O. SELOMULYO, MSc, Feb. 2008.
WONG Shin Yee, MSc, June 2006. Currently: Chemical Engineer, Glaxo Wellcome Manufacturing Pte Ltd, Singapore.
Patrick Erhard BINDEWALD, Dipl.-Ing. Univ. (Technical University of Munich, Germany), May 2006. Currently: Managing Director, CORNEXO GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

Selected publications for Prof. Zhou Weibiao

Selected publications for Assistant Professor Yang Hongshun


The common instruments in the FST Programme and Department of Chemistry are fully accessible to the group members. For details, please refer to "Facilities" page of this website and the Department of Chemistry website.

Specific instruments and equipments for the group include:

Modulated DSC
Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA) IV
Amylograph E
Farinograph E
Extensograph E
Dough Inflation System
Vapour Sorption Analyser
Dielectric Analyzer TA Instrument DEA 2970
Thermal Conductivity Probe
Instron 5565
Kieffer rig for TA-XT2i Texture Analyser
Thermal Mechanical Compression Test (TMCT) rig for TA-XT2i Texture Analyser
Powder Flow Cell TA-XT2i Texture Analyser
Reference Acoustic Envelope Detector for TA-XT2i Texture Analyser
Horiba Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyser
Computerized Controllable Freezing-speed Freezer
Dr Robert II Dough Moulder
Baking Oven
Volscan Profiler
Bread slicer
High Intensity Ultrasonic Processor
Computerized Hot-air Tray Dryer
GEA Mobile Minor™ Spray Dryer
APV 2000 High Pressure Homogeniser
UHT/HTST Processor with Aseptic Filling Chamber