Flavour and Fermentation

The current focus of our group is on food fermentation and flavour.We are interested in fruit wine fermentation, especially those from the tropical region such as durian and lychee. We are also interested in biotransformation using food microbes and enzymes, in addition to  survival of probiotics.

Current Research Projects Include:

  • Coffee flavour
  • Durian wine
  • Dragon fruit wine
  • Enhancing fermentation and viability of probiotics
  • Valorisation of soybean processing wastes (okara and tofu whey)
  • Palm kernel oil flavour 


Group members:

Dr. Liu Shao Quan (PI)

Lee, L.W.W. (Ph.D student)
Toh, M.Z. (Ph.D student)
Lu, Y.Y. (Ph.D student)
Vong, W.C. (Ph.D student)
Zhang, W.C. (Ph.D student)
Wang, C.H. (Ph.D student)
Chua, J.Y. (Ph.D student, joining in August 2016)
Ha, Y.Y. (M.Sc. student)
Jiang, X.H. (M.Sc. student, part-time)

Ex members of this group

Dr. Cheong, M W
Dr. Chen D.
Dr. Lee, P. R..
Dr. Li, X
Dr. Sun, J
Ms. Trinh, T.T.T. (M.Sc.)
Ms. Aung, M. T.(M.Sc.)
Mr. Putra, S. (M.Sc.)



The common instruments in the FST Programme and Department of Chemistry are fully accessible to the group members. For details, please refer to Facilities page of this website and the Department of Chemistry website.
Specific instruments and equipments for the group include:

Selected publications

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