Examination Time-table for FST Modules

Academic Year 2017-2018 Semester 1

Module Code
Module Description
27-Nov-17 Mon 1:00 PM FST1101 Science and technology of Foods TBC
28-Nov-17 Tue 9:00 AM FST3202 Nutrition and Disease Prevention
28-Nov-17 Tue 5:00 PM FST3103 Advanced Food Engineering
28-Nov-17 Tue 5:00 PM FST4202 Nutritional Biochemistry
29-Nov-17 Wed 9:00 AM FST3105 Food Product Development and Packaging
5-Dec-17 Tue 9:00 AM FST2102B Chemistry of Food Components
5-Dec-17 Tue 9:00 AM FST3106 Sensory and Flavour Science
5-Dec-17 Tue 5:00 PM FST3101 Food Microbiology & Fermentation


Please refer to the Registrar's Office Examination time-table webpage for more information on other modules.