Frequently Asked Question about our Food Science & Technology Programme


Q1 : What is Food Science and Technology

Q2: What will I learn in FST? What degree will I get at the end of my studies?

Q3: Why can’t I find the Dept of Food Science and Technology (FST)?

Q4: What is the role of Food Scientist or Food Technologist in the Industry?

Q5: How is the job market / career prospect for Food Science & Technology graduates?

Q6: What is the salary range for the fresh graduates?

Q7: What is the Professional Placement Programme or where will I be attached to?

Q8: What is the chance to get overseas attachment?

Q9: Will there be opportunities to go abroad in the FST programme?

Q10: If admitted to the programme, can I still participate in other programmes in the Faculty or University?

Q11: Are there any scholarships or awards specifically for FST students?

Q12: I am interested in Nutrition, is the course about nutrition?

Q13: Is FST a direct honours programme?

Q14: What are the professional organizations that recognize a degree in FST?

Q15: How is FST in NUS different from other universities that are offering the same or similar degree?

Q16: How is FST in NUS different from NTU’s FST?

Q17: What are the Graduate (postgraduate) programmes in FST?

Application Procedure

Q18: What is the application procedure for the Food Science & Technology course in NUS?

Q19: Can I change my mind or am I allowed to change the major after admission?

Q20:When and how will I know whether I have been selected?

Entry Requirement

Q21:What is the minimum requirement for entry for high school graduates?

Q22: Which major(s) in polytechnics can be considered to be admitted to FST? What modules can be exempted?

Q23: Are the numbers of students admitted to FST limited? If so, how do I know the chances of admission?

Q24: Do I have to attend an interview for the admission the FST programme?

Q25: Will I be accepted if I do not have ‘A’ or H2 level Biology?

For further information or answers to questions not listed above, please email us or call our mainline 6516 1656.