Postgraduate Programmes

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Programme offers

  1. MSc in Food Science and Human Nutrition by Coursework
  2. Research programmes leading to MSc and PhD degrees.


MSc in Food Science & Human Nutrition by Coursework

The MSc (by Coursework) Programme in Food Science and Human Nutrition  offers a comprehensive set of advanced topics including food bioscience (microbiology and safety, fermentation), modern food processing technology, evidence-based functional foods, modern analytical science and human nutrition. This Programme is designed to provide professional continuing education training, which in turn better prepare the workforce amid the rapidly changing food landscape.   

For more information on admission information can be found here.


Research programmes leading to MSc and PhD degrees

The Department of Chemistry, by which the FST postgraduates are administered, has a current enrolment of around 260 postgraduates candidates, which includes around 50 postgraduates candidates from FST. The graduate population in the Department includes not only Singaporean students but also those from foreign countries like Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, the Philippines, China, Spain, Germany, France, etc. This diversity makes for an excellent, multinational research environment that is almost matched by the multicultural background of the Department's academic staff.

A graduate student is expected to work independently, with supervision by up to three academic advisors on an original research project. A thesis is presented at the end of the candidature for formal examination. Graduate students are required to attend selected modules during the semester which are offered at the graduate level by the Department of Chemistry and other departments in the University.
NUS provides generous research scholarships for full-time students.More details of the scholarships/ Awards available for interested applicants can be found here

For more information on admission informationc can be found here.

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