Postgraduates Awards

IUFoST Young Scientist Award

2008 Dr. T. Velmurugan THAVASI
2010 Dr. FENG Sheng Bao
2012 Dr. LIU Yeting
2014 Dr. LEE Pin Rou, Christine
2016 Dr. WU Ziyun
2018 Dr. KIM Min-Jeong


SIFST Student Symposium Winner
(Postgraduate Category)

2005 WONG Shin Yee
2007 SUN Cuillian
2009 Viduranga Y. WAISUNDRA
2011 CHEONG Mun Wai
2013 Vinayak GHATE
2015 SOW Li Cheng



FST Programme Best Postgraduate award

2013 LEE Pin Rou
2013 WU Ziyun
2014 CHEONG Mun Wai
2014 YAN Yan
2015 YANG Yishan
2015 SUI Xiaonan
2016 CHEN Dai
2017 Yu Peigen
2017 Kim Min-Jeong
2018 Vong Weng Chan



President's Graduate Fellowship, NUS

2011 LEE Pin Rou
2015 GUO Xiaolei
2016 WANG Chenhui
2016 CHUA Jianyong
2017 VONG Weng Chan



Other Awards

2016 LEE Liang Wei Winner of Young Scientist Award, International Conference on Beneficial Microbes 2016, Thailand
2016 SUI Xiaonan Winner of Springer Thesis Award 2016
2016 KIM Minjeong First place, Food Safety Without Borders IUFoST Graduate Student Paper Competition 2016, Dublin
2016 VONG Weng Chan Winner of the Food, Water and Sustainability 3MT competition at McDonnel International Scholars Academy: 6th INternational Symposium, Australia
2016 SOW Li Cheng 1st Prize Posters Presentation Award: 2nd Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium 2016
2016 FENG Xiao

2nd Place in Goerge F. Stewart Research Paper: International Division Poster Competition at IFT 2016

2014 SEOW Yi Xin Awarded for An Outstanding Poster Presentation
14th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium
2014 ZHENG Qianwang Food Safety Without Borders, 2nd Runner Up
IUFoST Graduate Student Paper Competition
2014 TOH Ming Zhan

Young Scientist Award, First Runner up Oral Award Presentation Award
International Conference on Beneficial Microbes 2014

2014 Vinayak GHAT Student Travel Scholarship IAFP (International Association for Food Protection)
2013 YANG Yishan Student Travel Scholarship IAFP (International Association for Food Protection)
2013 WU Ziyun Cold Spring Harbor Asia meeting on Molecular Basis of Aging and Diease. (Poster Award 3rd Place)
2009 WONG Shin Yee

Distinguished Paper Award
2nd International Conference on Innovation in Food Processing Technology and Engineering, Thailand

2009 Viduranga Y. WAISUNDRA ASEAN Best Graduate Research Paper competition winner


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