MSc. in Food Science & Human Nutrition


The MSc (by Coursework) Programme in Food Science and Human Nutrition  offers a comprehensive set of advanced topics including food bioscience (microbiology and safety, fermentation), modern food processing technology, evidence-based functional foods, modern analytical science and human nutrition. This Programme is designed to provide professional continuing education training, which in turn better prepare the workforce amid the rapidly changing food landscape.   


Training and learning outcome

Students are expected to:

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of advanced topics in food science subdisciplines such as food bioscience (microbiology, fermentation), functional foods, modern food processing technology, human nutrition, and modern analytical science in relation to food and nutrition;
  • Enhance hands-on advanced problem solving skills by applying the knowledge gained to come up with innovative solutions to problems related to or garnered from the  food and nutrition industry; 


  • Sharpen critical thinking and cultivate an inquiring mind in reading scholarly articles in food science and nutrition and improve the ability to competently critique.
  • Improve communication skills through the following pedagogies:
  • Oral presentations to a class on a given topic of a module
  • Oral defense of research proposals
  • Viva voce of MSc dissertations
  • Group discussions during tutorials and small group studies
  • Written reports/essays, research proposals, and dissertations
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    • MSc. by coursework in Food Science & Human Nutrition