HUANG Dejian

Dr. Huang Dejian Associate Professor 
Department of Chemistry 
Food Science & Technology Programme
Tel: (65)-6516 8821 
Fax: (65)-6775 7895
Room: S14-06-02


Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D., Indiana University; M.S., Chinese Academy of Sciences; B.S., Fujian Teachers University

Research Interests

Anti-aging medicine, bioactive constituents in edible plants,  Chinese herbal medicine, dietary antioxidants and oxidative stress, functional foods for controlling hyperglycemia, luminescent molecular and nanoprobes for detection of small molecules (NO, NO2, H2S, ClO-, etc) of biological importance. High throughput screening methodology development .

Representative Publications

Chemistry of Bioactive Constituents and Functional Foods

 Wang, H.; Liu, T.; Song, T.; Huang*, D. Profiles and α-amylase inhibition activity of proanthocyanidins in unripe Manilkara zapota (Chiku), Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2012, 60), 3098–3104

Wu, Z.; Song, L.; Liu, S. Q.; Huang*, D.  A high throughput screening assay for determination of chronological lifespan of yeast, Experimental Gerontology, 2011, 46,  915-922.

Liu, T.; Song, T.; Wang, H.; Huang*, D. A High-throughput assay for quantification of starch hydrolase inhibition based on turbidity measurement, Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2011, 59, 9756-9762.

Feng; S.; Song, L.; Lee, Y. K.;  Huang*, D.  The Effects of fungal stress on the antioxidant contents of black soybeans under germination  Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2010, 58, 12491-12496.

Fu, C.;  Chen, W.;  Quek, Y-L.; Ni, R.; Ghani, A.;; Leong,  Leong, W. Y.; Zeng, H.; Huang, D. Sustainability from agricultural waste: chiral ligands from oligomeric proanthocyanidins via acid-mediated depolymerization  Tetrahedron Letters  2010, 51, 6322-6324.

Sim, W. L. S.; Han, M. Y.; Huang*, D. Quantification of antioxidant capacity in a microemulsion system: Synergistic effects of chlorogenic acid with a-tocopherol. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  2009, 57, 2661-2667.

Feng, S., Saw, C.L., Lee, Y.K., Huang*, D. Novel process of fermenting black soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] yogurt with dramatically reduced flatulence-causing oligosaccharides but enriched soy phytoalexins. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2008, 56, 10078-10084.

Selected by ACSPress, Reported by mass media worldwide including Reuters, The Star (Malaysia), Interviewed by a radio station in Singapore, Food Navigator, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Huang*, D.; Ou, B.; Prior, R, L. (Review) Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 2005 53,  1841-1856.
List by the Thomson Reuters as “Current Classics in agricultural science in 2009.

Fluorescent Molecular and Nanoprobes

Yi-Ling Quek; Choon-Hong Tan; Jinsong Bian; Dejian Huang,  Air oxidation of HS- catalyzed by a mixed-valence diruthenium complex, an Near-IR Probe for HS- detection Inorganic Chemistry 201150, 7379-7381.

Yi-Ling Quek, Dejian Huang, Hydroethidine as a probe for measuring superoxide formation rates during air oxidation of myricetin and quercetin, Tetrahedron Letters, 2011, 52, 41, 5384-5387.

Yan Yan; Suhua Wang; Zhongwei Liu; Hongyu Wang; Dejian Huang, CdSe-ZnS Quantum dots for selective and sensitive detection and quantification of hypochlorite, Analytical Chemistry 2010, 82, 9775-9781.

Wang, S.; Song, H.; Ong, W. Y.; Han, M-Y.; Huang, D. Positively charged and pH self-buffering quantum dots for efficient cellular uptake by charge mediation and monitoring cell membrane permeability. Nanotechnology 2009, 20. art. no. 425102 .

Wang, S.; Han, M-Y.; Huang, D. Nitric oxide switches on the photoluminescence of molecularly engineered quantum dots. Journal of the  American Chemical  Society  2009, 131, 11692-11694.

Hay, K. X.; Waisundara, V. Y.; Zong, Y.; Han, M-Y.; Huang. D. CdSe nanocrystals as peroxide scavengers: a new approach to highly sensitive quantification of lipid hydroperoxides, Small, 2007, 3, 290-293. Highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology.

Ou, B and Huang D., Fluorescent Approach to Quantitation of Reactive Oxygen Species in  Mainstream Cigarette Smoke.  Analytical Chemistry 2006, 78, 3097‑3103.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Waisundara, V. Y.; Hsu, A.; Tan, B. K.-H.; Huang, D. Baicalin reduces mitochondrial damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rats, Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 2009;  25;  671-677.

Waisundara, V. Y.; Hsu, A.; Tan, B. K.-H.; Huang, D. Baicalin improves antioxidant status of streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry  2009, 57, 4096-4102.

Waisundara, V. Y.; Huang, M.; Hsu, A.; Huang, D.; Tan, B. K.-H. Characterization of the Anti-Diabetic and Antioxidant Effects of Rehmannia Glutinosa in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2008, 36, 1083-1104.

Ou, B.; Huang, D.; Hampsch-Woodill, M., Flanagan, J. A. When East meets West: the relationship between yin/yang and antioxidation/oxidation FASEB Journal. 2003, 17, 127-129. (Medical hypothesis paper).


Dejian Huang, Boxin Ou, "A method in quantitation of oxidants in smoke", U. S. patent pending Number: 10/328666 (filing date: Dec. 15, 2002).

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