CHOW Pei Yong Edwin

Peter KC Ong Adjunct Assistant Professor

Department of Food Science & Technology
National University of Singapore

Technical Advisor, LIFE3 Biotech Pte Ltd



Educational Qualifications

Ph.D. in Chemistry,  National University of Singapore
B.Sc. Hons (Chemistry), National University of Singapore

B.Sc.,  National University of Singapore

Current key appointment

  • Member of the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology and Materials Research Society (Singapore)
  • Editorial Board of The Open Polymer Science Journal, International Journal of Biomaterials and Engineering, Journal of Biological Engineering, American Research Journal of Nanotechnology, Dairy Research & Technology, The Open Food Science Journal and Journal of Food Science and Nutrition
  • Technical consultant to the local industries and as a frequent speaker to various local and regional organizations and universities


Expertise & Research Areas

Accomplished chemical, semiconductor, biotechnology, polymer, animal & human food technology professional with more than 12 years of experience contributing scientific research, product formulation and development, project management and leadership in broad based roles

Selected Publications

  1. Antioxidant action and effectiveness of sulfur-containing amino acid during deep frying, J Food Sci Technol. H. F. Emilie Heng, X. L. Ong, P. Y. Edwin Chow, 1-8 (2019)
  2. Improving the frying performance of RBD palm olein oil using NaturFORT™ TRLG 101 liquid as on-top of TBHQ in deep-fat frying of potato chips, J Food Sci Technol. (2017)  54(12):4035-4041
  3. Solid self-microemulsifying system (S-SMECS) for enhanced bioavailability and pigmentation of highly lipophilic bioactive carotenoid, Pei Yong Chow, Sue Zen Gue, Sai Kaw Leow and Lay Beng Goh, Powder Technology, (2015), 274, 199–204
  4. The Bioefficacy of Microemulsified Natural Pigmenter in Egg Yolk Pigmentation, Pei Yong Chow, Sue Zen Gue, Sai Kaw Leow and Lay Beng Goh, British Poultry Science, (2014), 55, 398-402
  5. Transparent nanostructured photochromic UV-blocking soft contact lenses, Pek Y.S., Wu H, Chow E.P.Y, Ying J.Y., Nanomedicine (2016) 11(12):1599-610
  6. Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-structured and Thermo-sensitive Membranes for Wound Healing and Cell Grafting, L. S. Wang, P. Y. Chow, T-T. Phan, I. J. Lim and Y. Y. Yang, Advanced Functional Materials, 16 [9] (2006) 1171-1178.
  7. Microemulsion Polymerization and Reactions, P. Y. Chow and L. M. Gan, Advances in Polymer Science,, Book Chapter 175 (2005) 257-298.
  8. The Zwitterion Effect in Proton Exchange Membranes as Synthesized by The Polymerization of Bicontinuous Microemulsions, L. M. Gan, P. Y. Chow, M. Han, Z. L. Liu and C. H. Quek, Chemical Communications, 35 (2005) 4459.
  9. Nano-structured and Transparent Polymer Membranes with Thermo-sensitivity for Wound Dressing and Cell Grafting, L. S. Wang, P. Y. Chow, D. C. W. Tan, W. D. Zhang and Y. Y. Yang,  Advanced Materials, 16 (2004) 1790-1794