Industrial Collaboration Opportunity for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science (UROPS) is a research module which can be taken by undergraduate students before their honours year.  The student has a choice to undertake the programme over one or two semesters.

This programme allows the student to engage actively in research, discussions, intellectual communications and other creative activities. By complementing the conventional classroom learning, UROPS places students at the frontiers of scientific research. Through the typical phases of doing research, you are able to enhance your knowledge in the latest development of science and technology; acquire special communication and presentation skills; experience creative thinking; interact and forge closer ties with the established scientists and members of their groups.

A UROPS project can be tied to an industrial project.  In such an instance, the participating company will have to state the aim and objectives of the project.  Normally the project will be co-supervised by a faculty member and a member from the company.  The participating company will have to pay an administration fee of $1500 and provide most of the consumables pertaining to the project agreed between the principal investigator and the company.

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