Professional Placement Programme (Internship)


It is often said that there's no better way to experience something than to do it for oneself. A key objective of this programme is to serve the manpower needs of the food sector in Singapore and the region. In order to provide the necessary training and exposure, Professional Placement is an integral and necessary part of the Food Science & Technology (FST) programme curriculum. .

The Professional Placement is for a period of between four and six months, normally from December to April of the following year.  Students undergoing the attachment will be in their third year of undergraduate studies majoring in FST.  Upon successful completion of their placement, the students can graduate with an ordinary degree in FST.  However majority of the students will be expected to spend a further year at the University to graduate with an Honours degree.


The Professional Placement Programme (PPP)is designed to:

  • Provide students with practical working experience to complement course activity;

  • Enable students to develop interpersonal skills, individual maturity and confidence, in addition to their technical competence.

  • Enable employers to identify students for formal employment in future;

  • Bridge the gap between the academic and industrial sectors, and to better equip students with the necessary skills for future workplace employment.


  • The participating company should provide structured supervision of the Professional Placement Programme.

  • Plan a training program that gives the student a realistic view of the working life in the chemical and/ or process industries.

  • Develop skills through on-the-job training, and keep a proper training record.

    To pay the students a nominal salary.

  • Develop presentation and communication skills of the intern.

  • Introduce the students to teamwork and interdependent learning.

  • Create awareness of the importance of safety, best manufacturing practice and responsible care in the organization.


Supervisors in the company should:

  • Guide, advice, discuss and review with the students their accomplishments and progress.

  • Document and sign the student's log sheet.

    Review the student's report for any confidential information.

  • Meet with the Liaison Officers from the Faculty to formulate a suitable training programme before the Professional Placement Programme commences.

    Perform an evaluation of the students' work.

    Provide a meaningful analytical and/or research work experience.


The Professional Placement Programme (PPP) normally occurs from December to April of the following year.

  • The Programme recommends that the company pays an allowance to each student.

  • Liaison Officer(s) appointed from the academic staff will assist the company to develop/formulate a training programme as well as to look after and monitor the progress of the student(s) throughout the PPP.

  • The student(s) will be insured against industrial hazards either through a group insurance scheme arranged by the University, or the student's own policies.

  • Non-Singapore citizens are exempted from obtaining work permits for the purpose of industrial training.

  • The interns should be released to perform their Reservist (NS) In-Camp Training, if required, by MINDEF.

  • Companies intending to send the students overseas during the PPP, i.e., if part of the training is to be conducted overseas, should inform the Liaison Officer(s).

  • Our students are not allowed to take leave without compelling reasons and must have prior approval from FST before applying leave.

  • Companies are to review the student's PPP reports for any confidential information before release.