Industrial Collaboration Opportunity for Honours Year Project

Honours year project is a research module which can be taken by honours student as part of the requirement of the BSc (Hons) degree.  The project extends over two semesters in the honours year and takes up half of the students’ workload in the honours year.
Similar to the UROPS project, the honours project allows the student to engage actively in research, discussions, intellectual communications and other creative activities but at higher level. The level of difficulty of an honours project is normally much higher than that of a UROPS project.

An honours project can also be tied to an industrial project.  In such an instance, the participating company with agreement with a faculty will state the aim and objectives of the project.  The project must be co-supervised by a faculty member and a member from the company.  The participating company will have to pay an administration fee of S$6000 (subject to prevailing 7% GST) and provide most of the consumables pertaining to the project agreed between the principal investigator and the company.  Publications result from such collaboration will be co-authored by all who are involved. 

External parties interested in collaborating with NUS on such a project should speak to any faculty members in FST to initialize the project.  A title and abstract must be submitted through the faculty member by end of June for the project to begin in August in the same calendar year and ends approximately in March/April in the next calendar year. 

Past and Current Project Collaboration Companies

Firmenich Asia Pte. Ltd.

Kemin Industries Asia Pte. Ltd.

Kikkoman R&D Research Collaborative Lab Pte. Ltd.

Nestle R&D Centre Pte. Ltd.