Industrial Collaboration Opportunity for Food Innovation Project


Food Innovation and Sensory Evaluation is one of the essential modules in FST undergraduate course curriculum for level 3 students. The intended learning outcome of this project is to create a new food product that is marketable for the partner company. The project shall include brainstorming of concepts and ideas, market research, prototype development and testing, packaging, and shelf-life study. Students are required to work closely with the selected company to gain deeper understanding of the food industry and their processes before creating the new food product. Through this active learning approach we wish to achieve a win/win benefit for the company as well as for the students.
Scope of work
The students in the project group will follow the guidelines given to them to develop a new product for the company. This will normally cover to some extend the concept of the new product, kitchen trials, sensory trials, processing trials, shelf life study and packaging of the food product. When a full trial cannot be conducted due to time limitation, experimental methods and design will be proposed by the group in the form of a report to the company.
The project should be conducted in the first semester of the academic year which is normally from Aug to Nov and must be completed within this period. Any aspect that cannot be covered during this period due to the limitation of time and resources can be extended to another project under another research programme such as UROPS, honours or graduate project depending on the level of difficulty. A new agreement will be drawn for the new project.
The company shall provide all related information pertinent to the project and supply all raw materials and consumables (i.e. items that will be used-up for this project) if required for the development of the product. An administration and maintenance fee of $1500 (subject to prevailing 7% GST) shall be paid by the company. The payment should be made by cheque and payable to "National University of Singapore". 
FST is responsible for expertise and space pertinent to the project. FST will source for the equipment that is required for this project. However if the equipment required is not available, the company will have make a decision whether or not to continue the project in this direction or supply the equipment required. A teaching staff member and a teaching assistant will be assigned to supervise the students.
How to participate
Companies who wish to participate in this project are requested to contact either Dr. Leong Lai Peng ( or Ms. Lee Chooi Lan (  We are only able to work with 3 companies each academic year.  Please indicate your interest to participate in this project by 2nd week of June.  Companies/projects will be selected based on experiential learning it can provide to students and the results will be out by last week of June. 

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