Giving and Naming Opportunities

NUS-FST is committed to nurturing the best professionals and future leaders to support the global challenges and competitions faced by food industries. Our dedication is in the pursuit of excellence in education and research that brings a significant impact on the well-being of our societies.
In the mission to support, empower and transform students, we emphasise on a holistic education experience. We value all individuals; hence, personal developments as well as financial needs are always given attention.
However, the rising standard of living has resulted in an increased number of student applications for financial aid. The need for philanthropy support is becoming necessary to facilitate value-adding in the students higher learning pursuit. We believe that the act of giving will make a difference to and impact on the students’ life. In addition, we also hope that the culture of giving will continue to inspire others in the community and encourage the flourishing of compassion in the next generation.

Purpose of Giving:

  • To support student advancement for holistic education, and make the academic initiative or enrichment Programme accessible to all students despite of financial factor.
  • To support prizes or awards to talented students to pursue their education in fullest potential.


Benefits for Giving

  • Tax Rebate: Tax deduction benefit up to 2.5 times the gift value
  • Naming opportunities: You can make a gift to honour individuals such as mentors or loved ones, or corporations or foundations.
  • Recognition: Publicity of your naming award through websites and campus publications.

Type of Gift:

1) Any amount to support bursary awards or student advancement
2) Gift with named fund:
Naming :
XXX Medal or Prize:                           ≥ 15k (expendable), ≥ 75k (endowed)
XXX Bursary:                                      ≥ 45k (expandable), ≥ 150k (endowed)
XXX Scholarship:                               ≥ 45k (expandable), ≥ 150k (endowed)
XXX Faculty Research Fund:             ≥ 150k (expandable in 3 years)

When to Give: 

  • Any time when you have the desire to help,  time to share your kindness and compassion to others.
  • When you think of honoring a naming gift to your loves one
  • When you wish to list your company’s name in community service involvement

How: link     Giving- e-form


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