What is Food Science & Technology

Food Science is the study of the nature of foods, the causes of their deterioration and the principles underlying methods of processing. The FOOD SCIENTIST is an important link in the chain of events which results in the widespread availability of the great variety of nutritious, safe and reasonably priced food that most of us take for granted.

Food Technology is more concerned with the understanding and application of science to food to satisfy the needs of society for sustainable food quality, safety and security. The modern FOOD TECHNOLOGIST is primarily concerned with problems related to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of food which is safe, nutritious and attractive but employing techniques that are efficient and cost effective.

The subject of FST therefore includes the study of basic sciences such as chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, mathematics and engineering and how these are applied to food systems. The subject also examines the relationships of food to man in terms of nutrition and health and safety, food acceptability and consumer protection.

Courses in Food Science and Technology prepare students for careers in basic and applied science research, but also specifically for careers related to food and allied industries. Graduates in Food Science and Technology obtain positions in quality control and quality assurance, production management, R&D technical sales, food inspection services, and product development.

Opportunities for graduates in the subject area are very good. The food industry in Singapore has seen, and continues to see, tremendous growth and this is accompanied by a demand for well qualified Food Scientists and Technologists.

If you like to get involved in a range of science subjects and apply your knowledge to a practical and useful subject area, then Food Science and Technology is the subject for you.

NUS Food Science & Technology Programme

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Programme in the National University of Singapore was established in 1999. Equipped with modern labs and facilities and with due support from various departments of the University, the FST programme is one of the most popular courses in NUS.