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Professor Zhou Weibiao

Welcome to NUS-FST - the Department of Food Science and Technology at the National University of Singapore.

Welcome to NUS FST – the Department of Food Science and Technology at the National University of Singapore!

NUS FST Department started offering the first degree course in Singapore with Major in Food Science and Technology as early as 1999. The then Food Science and Technology Programme aimed to serve the special need of providing high-quality manpower for the growing modern food industry of the 21st century in the country and beyond. Today, with an annual turnover of more than S$10 billion, the food manufacturing sector is one of the most fundamental and critical sectors in Singapore’s fast growing economy. NUS FST has received strong support from both the government organisations and the industry. Over the years, our graduates have proven to be popular, having one of the highest employment rates among the university courses and making valuable contributions to the nation.

Faculty members in the FST Department strive to excel in teaching and research to make the Department a centre of excellence in food science and technology by providing well trained graduates and conducting high-quality research of international impact. The degree courses currently offered include 3-year B.Sc., 4-year B.Sc. Honours, M.Sc. by coursework, M.Sc. by research and Ph.D. by research. Large-scale collaborative research projects have been conducted with both multinational companies and SMEs such as Nestle, Kikkoman, Givaudan, Firmenich, KH Roberts, just to name a few. These collaborative projects encompass a variety of frontier research topics e.g. new functional ingredients, innovative new products from plant-based proteins, sugar reduction and alternatives, food waste valorisation, nutrition for ageing population, which help to meet health needs and evolving consumer preferences. The strong entrepreneurial spirit of NUS FST family is well reflected by several start-ups established by our graduates, research students, research fellows as well as some faculty members.

To potential students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, we would like to encourage you to explore the various sections of this website to learn more about the prospectus of becoming food scientists and food technologists, the NUS FST syllabus, facilities, and research activities and opportunities.

To colleagues from the food and related industries and organizations, we invite you to find out more about the diverse research interests and expertise of our faculty members that cover almost all major fields of the food science and technology discipline. You are invited to discuss with us any collaboration opportunities.

For our alumni, this website continuously serves as a valuable information centre for you. Get an update on alumni events and learn about the activities and latest development at “home”. We certainly look forward to receiving news and suggestions from you.

From the wealth of information provided at this website, you are able to find out why the NUS FST courses have been among the most popular ones in the Faculty of Science every year since its inception.

Professor Weibiao Zhou, PhD, CFS, FAIFST, FIAFoST, FRSC, FSIFST

Head, Department of Food Science and Technology